Wound Care

Wound Care at Home

Home Care nurses and therapists offer education in the home to help patients and their caregivers take care of wounds and change dressings. Working with the physician, we develop a wound care treatment plan to assure wound healing.

Our team of nurses, therapists, and aides follow doctors’ home health orders in treatment plans. We provide a wound care specialist to establish, define, and monitor wound care treatment and progress as well as provide assessment and oversight of wound care and progress.

Our skilled nurses educate patients and caregivers in measures to manage and treat wounds as well as education for prevention of complications and infection control. This skilled observation and assessment of the wound help with continuity of care and communication with the healthcare provider.

Which patients would benefit from wound care in the home?

Those with wounds that require nursing intervention are:
· Complex
· Slow healing/non-healing
· Draining
· Infected
· Requiring negative pressure treatment
· Requiring evaluation and monitoring associated with chronic diseases, i.e. diabetes, PVD.
· At high potential for complications and/or covers a large surface area.